The Bearded Collie

Bearded CollieThe bearded collie is a working dog that originated in Scotland. Commonly referred to as “beardies”, bearded collies are categorized by the American Kennel Club as herding dogs. They were primarily used for their herding skills by shepherds in Scotland until the 20th century. Since then, the bearded collie has been more frequently used as a pet or a show dog.



Bearded collies are known for their distinguishable, two-layer coats that help them stay dry and protected in extreme weather. The outer coat is strong, coarse, and waterproof while the undercoat is more soft and fluffy. Their beautiful coats require a great deal of grooming in order to keep up with their purpose. Their coats should be brushed weekly or even daily and the dogs should be bathed every month or two to ensure that their coats do not become tangled or matted. It is also essential to make sure that their coats are properly trimmed so they do not drag on the ground. Since beardies are prone to matting, it is also essential to have conditioning spray handy in case the hair becomes too tangled to brush out. While they normally only shed lightly, there is a two week period each year where the beardie will shed heavier than normal. It is imperative to brush more frequently during this time period to remove all excess hair from the dog.

Beardies generally stand about 22 inches high when they are fully grown. They should weigh anywhere from 40 pounds to 60 pounds, depending on the level of daily level of exercise that they receive. The dog’s eye color varies and is generally determined by the color of the coat.



The beardie is an intelligent breed that enjoys to work and be active. They are most fulfilled when they are herding sheep or running in the yard. They are also loyal and affectionate dogs that become loving members of families. Beardies do well with children and make excellent playmates. Many beardies become certified therapy dogs and visit sick patients in hospitals.

Beardies love spending time with their families and do not like being left home alone. This can become a huge problem for their owners without proper training. They are extremely intelligent dogs and will find their way out of the crate if they are left in it for too long. They also have a recognizable bark and will let it out when they feel alone. They can become destructive and destroy household items if they are able to. These dogs do best with an owner that is home all day or a reliable dog walker that would be able to take the dog throughout the day.



The beardie is an active breed that requires daily exercise and activities in order to stay happy and healthy. They need physical and mental exercise in order to be the healthiest they can be. A large yard or a nearby park would be the best options for somebody with a beardie. Whether they are herding sheep on a farm or playing fetch with their owner, about an hour a day of exercise is essential for the beardie. Because they require a great deal of exercise, apartment life would probably not be the most suitable lifestyle for this breed of dog.



Overall, bearded collies would make excellent pets to the right owners who would take the time to properly train them and take care of them. They would need to live with somebody who is willing to put the time and energy into the dogs’ grooming needs. They would also have to be understanding of the beardie’s need to feel needed. The beardie would make the best pets for somebody who is home most the of time or would have somebody there to take them out. They would also be good show dogs because of their love to have a job and feel needed.

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